Cape Town, Afrique du Sud

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TitreDebt Happens
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Campagne Numbers
Annonceur DebtBusters
Marque DebtBusters
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Secteur d'activité Services bancaires, investissements, services boursiers
Slogan Exploring the anxiety of South African's in debt

South Africa is the most indebted country in the world and as a nation we are drowning in debt. And it doesn’t look like the situation will improve any time soon.
DebtBusters’ new TV ad talks about the hidden debt that people have. Debt is a fact of life that many of us keep concealed and sometimes it gets out of control. It creeps up on you and before you know it you are in financial difficulty. 


South Africa is the most indebted country in the world. As a nation we are drowning in debt and it doesn’t look like the situation will improve any time soon. DebtBusters is reaching out to help.

In creating this brand ad, the aim was to connect emotionally with the audience, while also placing DebtBusters at the forefront of a very real battle for South Africans struggling with debt. Portraying debt as a physical affliction was the device that agency Duke conceptualised for this thought-provoking commercial.

Building on this initial insight, director Bruno Bossi crafted a narrative that followed the ordinary life of an everyday South African. As we follow the character, played by Andrew Laubscher, we see how his debt grows and grows until he is eventually overwhelmed by it. Bruno drew an incredible range of emotions from the talented Andrew, whose strong performance allows the audience to empathise with his character.

Creating a visual language that portrayed the daily machinations of life while also emulating the feeling of this growing debt was one of the key considerations for Bruno and DOP Willie Nel. Keeping the character both central in frame and close to the viewer at all times as well as choosing to shoot with only two lenses created the anxious and claustrophobic mood. Using sound bites of everyday life further enhances the jarring edit, skillfully crafted by Gordon Midgley.

The commercial began flighting in early February, a time when historically most South Africans are feeling the economic pinch as the tide of the holiday season has left a wake of debt behind. 

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