TitreIce Man
Campagne Ice Men
Annonceur Beneficência Portuguesa of São Paulo
Marque Beneficência Portuguesa of São Paulo
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Secteur d'activité Institutions / Interêt Public / Associations à but non lucratif
Synopsis Imagine walking down the street and coming across life-sized ice sculptures of people and, because of the transparency of the material, being able to see an organ made of red acrylic inside. That’s what people encountered in downtown São Paulo, Brazil. 
Philosophie The action, which was carried out by one of the city’s largest hospitals, Beneficência Portuguesa of São Paulo, used “ice men” to make an analogy about a reality of the human body. As the ice melted the organs remained intact, and each featured the message: “Life goes on. Be an organ donor.” The main objective of the action was to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. The interventions took place in the city’s three busiest locations. The action was created by DM9DDB.
According to Manuel Coelho, Marketing Superintendent at the Beneficência Portuguesa of São Paulo Hospital, it’s extremely important that the issue of organ donation be a topic of discussion among families. “As a Hospital, we have the obligation to shed light on the issue because it’s a matter of loving our neighbor and promoting life,” stated Coelho. “Comparing the melting ice to the human body is a perfect analogy of what happens to people. The goal was to draw attention to the subject in an innovative way that would inspire reflection.”
According to data from the Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants, there was an increase in organ donation and transplants in Brazil in 2014. Last year 7,898 organs were donated, which represents a 3% increase compared to the previous year. The number of organ donors also increased. It increased from 13.5 million people in 2013 to 14.2 million in 2014. Despite this increase, the Association’s goal of 15 million organ donors was not reached.
The issue is of great concern to families. One of the main reasons for organs not being donated is the lack of family consent. In 2014, the “negative family consent rate” remained at 46%, just 1% lower than in 2013. “It’s extremely important that we raise awareness about this issue so that we can reduce organ donation waiting lists,” concluded the executive. The ice statues are made with reclaimed water and the water that melts from the statues is reused to make other statues. 
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