TitreMan At Sea
Campagne Man At Sea
Annonceur Emergency
Marque Emergency
Date de première diffusion/publication 2023 / 12
Secteur d'activité Associations caritatives, fondations, volontariat
Synopsis The film, “Man at Sea,” is a dystopian story that takes place on just any Mediterranean beach. A lifeguard is patrolling the horizon, when suddenly he sees a man who’s drowning. Immediately, he starts running towards the sea to save him, but he’s stopped by a couple trying to dissuade him, followed by many other beach attendants, interjecting all-too-common-- excuses not to save him: “Who knows where that guy comes from?”, “Where would he stay?” “As long as they know they’ll get rescued, they’ll swim here.” “Those people never want to do anything.” “They should stay home.” Surrounded by a group of people preventing the lifeguard from moving, he can’t go to the man’s rescue and he drowns before the indifference of many, creating a powerful metaphor for this very indifference that surrounds these tragedies every day.
Philosophie As the Mediterranean Sea continues to play a crucial role for the many migrants that leave their country of origin looking for safety and a better future, unfortunately, many of them find death in that very same sea. Since 2014, more than 28.000 people lost their lives in these waters. Due to the lack of safe and legal access, the commitment of the civil navy to not just stand by and watch is crucial. This is the message behind the latest film from NGO Emergency and Ogilvy, “Man At Sea.” In addition to the NGO’s work in war zones, Emergency affirms its commitment, with its Ship ‘Life Support’, to search and rescue migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most dangerous migrating routes.
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