206 E. 9th Street
Austin Texas 78701
Téléphone: (+1) 512 479-6200

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Autres compétences: Multiculturel

Awards: 39

Clients: 4


206 E. 9th Street
Austin Texas 78701
Téléphone: (+1) 512 479-6200

Alejandro Ruelas

President & Managing Partner

Téléphone: (+1) 512 479-4502

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Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel
Agency Philosophy: LatinWorks was created with the belief that advertising--at its very core--must demonstrate respect for the consumer, and this respect must be expressed through great ideas that sell product without having to rely on stereotypes. All of our team members share the understanding that great work is the result of close collaboration with the client and with the assigned general market agencies. Why? Because the Hispanic market doesn’t live in a bubble, therefore achieving strategic synergy with a brand’s universal positioning is essential to communications success. Mission Statement: Always strive to be a shop dedicated to creating irreverent, provocative work that demonstrates respect for the intellectual capacity of our target. A shop that does not rely on stereotypes, nor obscure symbolisms. A shop that delivers simple creativity, direct and to the point. LatinWorks must remain an agency fueled by a burning desire to produce strategic and insightful creative that sells. A place where the only thing that matters is the work. Competitive Advantages: LatinWorks has key differences that set us apart from other agencies in our industry: We are focused on gaining a deep understanding of the Hispanic consumer. Strategic discipline--designed to uncover key insights that inspire our creatives--has resulted in outstanding work. We have what we believe is the best creative team in our industry, and they are supported by a management group with proven, successful client-side experience. This combination of agency and client knowledge is what sets us apart.
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