Kleyerstraße 19
Frankfurt am Main 60326
Téléphone: (+49) 069 7506-01


Fondée en: 1955



Awards: 41

créations: 17

Clients: 21

Y&R Germany

Kleyerstraße 19
Frankfurt am Main 60326
Téléphone: (+49) 069 7506-01

A propos de l'agence Y&R Germany

POSSIBLE is a creative agency that cares about results.

Our mission is simple: create world-class work that works. That’s why we back up every idea with hard-core data for solutions that make a measurable difference.

With 19 offices spanning four continents, POSSIBLE boasts some of the best creative minds on the planet. We’ve used the power of this collective intelligence to transform the industry and elevate global brands like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

By design, we are visionaries, innovators and pioneers. If that describes you too, then by all means, get in touch—we’d love to work with you. 


Anglais, Allemand
Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel
"The network agency with an entrepreneurial approach"

Flat hierarchies. Your Managing Director is directly involved in all assignments as well as in day-to-day operations.

Direct access to the creative department. The creative department is involved in all phases from briefing to presentation. Directly approachable.

Strategic analyses and recommendations. To be tabled no later than two weeks after the briefing.

From briefing to pitch presentation. We need only 20 working days at most.

48-hours case. Whatever your problem or challenge, we will come to your aid with a solution proposal within 48 hours. This also applies to week-ends.

Intermedia propositions. We consider these a must for your communications tasks. As far as possible, the basic idea will be applied at various consumer touch points.

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