TitreThe Flood
Campagne Nothing Can Do What a Soldier Can Do
Annonceur The British Army Recruitment
Marque The British Army Recruitment
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Recrutement des fonctionnaires, de la police et de l'armée
Synopsis ‘The Flood’ is a powerful portrayal of the instincts and empathy of British soldiers. Following an Army team armed with technology to assist in a UK flood, it is a solider and their human intuition that makes all the difference. ‘The Flood’ spotlights the Army’s role in homeland resilience and the increasing importance of the Army Reserves (the part-time, paid volunteer reserve force).
Philosophie Accenture Song has released the second installment of “Nothing Can Do What a Soldier Can Do” showing that no matter how technologically advanced the Army becomes, soldiers will always be their most valuable asset. The new advert entitled ‘The Flood’ will break with a 40-second film on 2 January 2023 across television, cinema, Video on Demand and Social. Directed by MJZ’s Nicolai Fuglsig, the film hones in on soldiers performing an emergency rescue during the chaos of a flash flood. Dynamically shot and brought to life with the help of real-life soldiers, it tackles the misconception that when soldiers are in uniform, they lose their personal identity. Instead, it tells a personal story of the value and difference soldiers make, by bringing their individual experience and unique characteristics to the job, underlining the message that the Army is recruiting now and always.
Type de média Plateforme d'activation à 360°
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