TitreLEGO Builders of Sound
Campagne LEGO Builders of Sound
Annonceur LEGO
Marque LEGO
Mise en ligneSeptembre 2017
Secteur d'activité Jouets & jeux
Synopsis For the launch of Star Wars 3D: Episode 1
Lego asked for an innovative and attention-grabbing promotion to advertise the LEGO Star Wars sets.
Philosophie We built a gigantic barrel organ consisting of 20,000 LEGO Star Wars pieces. These were arranged in such a way that the construction struck the keys of a keyboard via a mechanical device as it was turning, playing the Star Wars theme tune.
The barrel organ went on tour through cinemas across Germany in the run-up to the Star Wars premiere. Fans could turn the crank themselves and then buy the LEGO sets used directly via a QR-Code. Everyone who couldn’t be there had the opportunity to experience the barrel and select their favourite Star Wars sets online.
Résultat Not only fans in the cinemas were thrilled: The excitement spread to the online community and the LEGO barrel organ was discussed in all major blogs worldwide. During the time of the promotion, five of the sets from the organ landed among the top 20 best selling toys in Germany – making Star Wars the overall best selling LEGO segment.
Type de média Promotion & Evènements

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