TitreGaming for Everyone
Campagne Gaming for Everyone
Annonceur Microsoft
Marque Xbox
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Electronique grand public, audiovisuel
Philosophie During Women’s History Month, Xbox launched a worldwide initiative to support women in gaming. At the centre of the idea, which was developed and implemented within the Serviceplan Group, is a very special Xbox controller which replaces the B button with the equal sign to symbolize equality for all in the gaming community.
Problème – Women make up almost half of the gaming community, celebrate success in Esports, and hold high profile leadership positions in the gaming industry. Yet, women still struggle within the gaming scene to combat misogyny in the form of outdated gender stereotypes, discrimination, bullying and sexist insults. Xbox, together with the Serviceplan Group, is committed to contributing to more equality in the gaming community and giving women more visibility within the scene.
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