466 Lexington Avenue
New York New York 10017
Téléphone: (+1) 212 210-7000


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RMG Connect

466 Lexington Avenue
New York New York 10017
Téléphone: (+1) 212 210-7000

Mark Miller

President - Atlanta and New York

Téléphone: (+1) 212 210 7000

David Eastman


Blake Froehlich

Director of Digital Technology
Philip Greenfield

Philip Greenfield

Worldwide CEO

Téléphone: (+1) 212 210-7080

Meghaan MacKenzie

Planning Director

Urvashi Pitre

Director of Data and Analytics

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Customized Connections:

Accelerating Client Revenue Growth. Behavioral and attitudinal models, motivational insights, media selection, purchase path mapping and optimization are all used to determine a consumer's most direct route to purchase or repurchase. Our methodology has proven to reduce time-to-purchase by over 50% while lowering cost-per-acquired customer as much as 100%.

We focus on the three key components:

1) Three-Dimensional Targeting - "Customer DNA" models identify who is most likely to purchase, when they are in the market, and why they are motivated to purchase. Only one or two dimensions are incomplete.

2) Experience Sampling - It is a proven fact that if a consumer can sample your product or service, they are 70% more likely to purchase it. The role of "Customized Connections" is to approximate the actual purchase or usage experience. Done well, it increases leads and conversation, reduces wasted spending on poor prospects, and increases customer loyalty, because the actual product experience has been pre-tested.

3) Optimization - Our media and analytics groups have created tools to permit virtually real-time optimization of all electronic media and faster optimization of print media. It is not unusual to lower new customer CPA by 40% and reduce spending by 10% to 20%.

Description du réseau
RMG Connect is present in 21 countries, with 13 agencies in Europe, 10 in the Americas, 2 in Africa, 8 in Asia & Middle East and 1 in Oceania
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