TitreGenetic Select by Lexus
Campagne Lexus April Fools'
Annonceur Lexus
Marque Lexus
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Secteur d'activité Journaux, magazines, livres
Slogan Genetic Select, Experience Amazing
Synopsis Experience partnership at the genetic level with Lexus Genetic Select, featuring 23andMe technology. Now the car of your dreams can become the handcrafted car of your genes. Using 23andMe’s proprietary DNA genotyping, we’ll be able to customize the modeling, styling and performance capabilities of a Lexus vehicle to your exact, chromosomal needs. Your customized Lexus will include features like: a genetically personalized new car smell, protective UV tinting based on freckling risk, an enhanced windshield matched to your personal prescription, and much more. For those with an athletic body type, we might suggest the Lexus RC F or those prone to high adrenaline spikes; a high-performance Lexus GS F may be your favorite style—either way, the DNA will not lie. Though we had a little April Fools fun with this Lexus + 23andMe commercial—come in to discover a world of Lexus vehicles matched to your needs and experience amazing at a Lexus dealership near you. For more information on the Lexus Genetic Select, visit our website at https://www.lexus.com/geneticselect/
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