TitreLittle Bits - A Trash-Eating Bear Bot
Campagne Little Bits
Annonceur Little Bits
Marque Little Bits
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Electronique grand public, audiovisuel
Slogan Making Changemakers
Synopsis The future kids want starts today, with the littleBits Base Inventor Kit. This introductory kit includes everything kids need to build and customize their own high-tech inventions using littleBits electronic building blocks! Over 12 in-app activities and real-world changemakers inspire kids to turn their ideas into inventions that improve their room, help their community, or save the world. Click here to learn how! http://bit.ly/2RGmRAG The future kids want starts today, with the new littleBits Inventor Kits. We believe tomorrow's leaders are today's kids, and we're working to empower kids everywhere to solve the epic challenges ahead. Click here to learn more about how we're #MakingChangemakers http://bit.ly/2Eh1nIb
Type de média Digital

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