100 Fifth Avenue
New York New York 10011
Téléphone: (+1) 212 431-4694


Autres compétences: Publicité/Communication intégrée, Agence digitale, Marketing Services, Marketing relationnel/CRM/PRM/e-CRM, Relations presse et relations publics, Média, Stratégie et planning

Fondée en: 1991

Effectif: 120

Awards: 144

créations: 632

Clients: 57


100 Fifth Avenue
New York New York 10011
Téléphone: (+1) 212 431-4694

Sal DeVito

Executive Creative Director and Co-Founder

Téléphone: (+1) 212 431-4694

ellis verdi

President and Co-Founder

Téléphone: (+1) 212 431-4694

A propos de l'agence DeVito/Verdi

Independent and Hands-On:

DeVito/Verdi is independently owned by co-founders Ellis Verdi, President, and Sal DeVito, Executive Creative Diretor. Every department is directed by senior-level managers and staffed with a diverse complement of youth and medium-level talent

Strongest Creative Reputation

Since our inception in 1991, we have been one of the most creatively honored agencies in the country year after year. We have been name “Best Mid/Small Size Agency in the U.S. for General Excellence” six times by the 4A’s. This is a record that no agency, large or small, has beaten.

Full Service Agency.

DeVito/Verdi provides all the major functions of a large agency but we are more agile and responsive. Services offered in-house: strategic/brand leadership, digital services (SEO, SEM, Web), creative services, media planning/buying, production broadcast and print, research, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion and design/collateral development.

DeVito/Verdi Digital has full in-house digital capabilties having helped a broad array of clients with everything from starting and creating a brand, to optimizing and growing a brand, through helping sell a brand. Our digital group manages strategy, content, media planning, organic & paid SEO, SEM, analytics, social media, promotion, mobile, website design & development and analytics. We focus on ensuring that digital campaigns build onto ongoing traditional campaigns rather than operate in a vacuum.

Our digital capabilities include but are not limited to:


• Programmatic and direct digital media planning/buying

• Prospecting via targeting based on contextual, behavioral, demographic, and other factors

• Retargeting - including ads served to visitors to Cincinnati Children's Hospital website

Search Engine Marketing

• Keyword research and strategic planning

• PPC and conversion rate optimization

• Search campaign management

Search Engine Optimization

• Internal and competitive SEO performance auditing

• Webpage optimization

• Ongoing SEO monitoring

Social Media

• Organic content creation and account management

• Paid social planning, buying, and execution

• ROI optimization Audio & Video

• YouTube video advertising

• Cord-cutter targeting (Hulu, Apple TV, etc.)

• Digital radio advertising (Spotify, Pandora, etc.)

Website Design/Optimization

• Full service website development

 Website performance audit and optimization: Traffic data, sources of traffic, popularity of pages, high bounce rates, conversions review, audience demographics, etc.

Research and Analytics

• Market/competitive analysis

• Campaign success attribution modeling

• Customized KPI tracking 


We Search for Truth.

Our philosophy is based on a view that our job is to capture a truth, either about the product or the consumer, that will resonate. What works, and we have proven it time again with all of our clients, is the need to find — and hit — a consumer nerve that resonates as valuable, truthful and unforgettable. 


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