Campagne Podfast
Annonceur BNY Mellon
Marque BNY Mellon
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Secteur d'activité Banque, finance, droit et assurance
Synopsis Have you heard of the "Podfasting" phenomenon? Studies show that upwards of 25% of people are listening to podcasts at a higher speed in order to consume more content -- and speed through ads. This presented a unique opportunity to help our client stand out. To prove that when it comes to creating greater financial outcomes, BNY Mellon truly does "consider everything," we made an ad that speaks directly to these well-informed super listeners. The idea is simple. We recorded a :15 second audio ad, slowed it down to :30 seconds, and placed it in the middle of The Economist's Money Talks podcast. So for those listening at double speed, our ad is literally the only thing that sounds normal.
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