El Segundo, Etats-Unis
TitreScreen Invaders
Campagne Screen Invaders
Annonceur T-Mobile
Marque T-Mobile
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Télécommunications
Synopsis In a world where all carriers were shouting my 4G network is bigger-faster-better, nobody explained to consumers what exactly it meant to have a 4G network. Streaming movies was one of the most relevant features to achieve this.
We sponsored the broadcast of several TV shows but to truly emotionally connect with our audience, we needed to stay away from regular logos or mentions and do something really unique.We wanted T-Mobile to be the TRUE sponsor of our audience's most precious moment of the day.
To remind our target that their favorite TV show can be interrupted without warning by a family member wanting to watch something else, we produced special scenes and pushed LIVE TV CONTENT away, creating the illusion that a movie was competing with their show for space on the screen. Thanks to T-Mobile's 4G network, families can now stream movies INSTANTLY on their phones. 
Type de média Etude de cas
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