TitreSAP Run Simple
Campagne SAP
Annonceur SAP
Marque SAP
Mise en ligneFévrier 2019
Secteur d'activité Autres
Synopsis Small business owners are crafty, sometimes to a fault. They use solutions like Excel or Quickbooks to run their whole business. But as they grow, these solutions may not be robust enough. Problem is they often wait until the last minute, “the breaking point,” to switch solutions.
A project management headache here. A finance-tracking challenge there. They might seem like small, isolated problems, but are they? We tackled these challenges head on in our demand generation campaign and provided clear answers for how the SAP Business ByDesign solution can help.
Informed by audience insight research, the campaign included valuable thought leadership content and tools to capture interest through a targeted paid social, display and email nurture program. We also provided a free test drive to get the solution into people’s hands – enabling us to understand and address specific industry target pain points in real-time. As a result, the campaign delivered over twice as many leads as originally aimed for.
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