TitreWinter in Germany - Board
Campagne Winter in Germany
Annonceur fiftyfifty
Marque fiftyfifty
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Synopsis In the last 10 years, the number of homeless people who have died of cold death has increased by 500%. Even if we believe that climate change will bring us warmer winters, the reality is different. Along with warmer periods, the number of days and nights with hard frost is unfortunately also increasing.
Philosophie "FiftyFifty" - a non-profit homeless charity - wants to draw attention to this problem and show people how dangerous winter is for homeless people.
To do this, for this campaign we used a thermal imaging camera and photographed real homeless people in their environment. The results are haunting snapshots. They show the body temperature of homeless people in contrast to passersby. In conjunction with the text, the contrast was further emphasized. In this way, we conveyed to the recipient a sense of the life-threatening problems faced by homeless people in the freezing cold - with one goal: bring people to rethink how they treat the homeless. Because every death from frostbite is unacceptable for a society and cannot leave us cold.
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