950 Battery Street 4th Floor
San Francisco California 94111
Téléphone: (+1) 415 341-9100

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Effectif: 50

Awards: 4


950 Battery Street 4th Floor
San Francisco California 94111
Téléphone: (+1) 415 341-9100

Walter Smith


Téléphone: (+1) 415 315-4141

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A propos de l'agence Cutwater

As an independent creative and media agency headquartered in San Francisco, with a satellite office in New York City, we pride ourselves on developing breakthrough work and building brands that stand out from their category. Our success has been a direct result of our integrated marketing approach founded on a strong strategy, breakthrough creative, and media in-house that helps us determine the right balance of brand and performance work based on our client’s goals and KPIs. 


Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel

Our goal at Cutwater is to build distinctive brands, because distinctive brands win. We create breakthrough campaigns that are able to both catch attention and garner results in the short-term, as well as build long-term brand equity. At a time when many agencies focus on one-off ideas, disconnected from a larger brand message or strategy, we place high importance on crafting a strong brand platform. Our strategy and creative serves as a launchpad for your brand, whether we’re building a campaign to last years or doing a single project.

We also know that clients want growth, not ads. We don't believe in creativity for creativity's sake; instead, we focus on creatively effective work and full-funnel media plans that can scale up from DR or down from brand to successfully help brands grow their business.

As a full-service creative and media agency, we have some creative-only clients, some media-only clients, and some clients for which we provide both creative and media services. Regardless of the scope, we bring integrated thinking to the table and if we are just handling creative or media, are happy to collaborate with partner agencies to ensure holistic thinking that drives results. 

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