TitreWe Don't Care
Campagne We Don't Care
Annonceur Fridays For Future
Marque Fridays For Future
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Questions environnementales
Synopsis The film introduces a cast of casually cool pre-teens who question the legitimacy and purpose of climate change concerns directly to the camera. Juxtaposing the same rhetoric stubbornly upheld over the last three decades with these fashionable adolescents, the spot establishes urgency while its stars skateboard, sing, and mess around without a care in the world. Although the energy of the film is lighthearted, enriched with the flair of a ‘90s public service announcement, the message at its core is paramount. We need to turn familiar apathy into serious concern, and serious concern into immediate change. Ending with an earnest call-to-action, Fridays for Future reminds us: “if we don’t care about climate change, who will?”
Problème If current generations don’t care about the future of our planet, who will?
Type de média Film Web
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