7, rue de Paradis
Paris 75010
Téléphone: (+33) 01 44 88 83 90


Autres compétences: Agence digitale, Marketing Médias sociaux, Marketing relationnel/CRM/PRM/e-CRM, Expérientiel, Brand Content, Design/Packaging, Identité visuelle et sonore, Stratégie et planning

Fondée en: 2009


Effectif: 57

Awards: 92

Clients: 35


7, rue de Paradis
Paris 75010
Téléphone: (+33) 01 44 88 83 90
Alex Pasini

Alex Pasini

Directeur des Stratégies, associé

Téléphone: (+33) +31 20 662 3030

johan delpuech

johan delpuech

Président, partner

Téléphone: (+33) 0685426379

Sylvain Thirache

Sylvain Thirache

Chairman, Executive Creative Director, Managing Partner

Said Sarwar

Relations Publiques

Téléphone: (+33) (0)1 44 88 83 90

A propos de l'agence SID LEE PARIS

We are a leading creative agency working globally out of 5 offices : Montreal, Paris, Toronto, New York and LA.

A global creative team of 600 professionals, one of the most multidisciplinary teams in the industry. We build imaginative communications platforms to engage with today’s consumers and activate brands across all possible touchpoints. .

Based on the principle of radical collaboration, we seek to form a partnership with our clients, one that is bluilt on trust and the removal of boundaries between people and disciplines.

We have been perfecting this for 20 years, long before it was popular to embrace transmedia communication. That’s why some of the most progressive companies in the world – including The North Face, Cirque du Soleil, the Toronto Raptors, Yahoo!, and Videotron – turn to us to stay one step ahead and rethink how they use creativity to build their brands. 

A kind of collective.

Sid Lee is part of kyu, a collective of top-tier global creative services companies that believe creativity has the power to move society and the economy forward : SY Partner, digital kitchen, the powerful now, IDEO, C2, beworks, red peak, Kepler, Infrared...


Anglais, Français
Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel

We break boundaries to create what matters.

In creating what matters we want to change the world through creativity. 

Description du réseau

SID LEE offices : Montreal, Paris, Toronto, New York, LA

Hakuhodo network covering Asia & Pacific.

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