Campagne Breathalyze Before You Drive
Annonceur Amélie Company
Marque Colorado Department of Transportation
Mise en ligneAvril 2020
Secteur d'activité Autres
Synopsis Let’s face it; we’ve all done something stupid after a few drinks. Texting an ex. Dancing on a table. Hot tubbing in dress-shoes. But the dumbest thing you can do is get behind the wheel when you shouldn’t. You don’t always know how a few drinks can affect your ability to drive. Fortunately, there’s a pocket-sized way to know your blood alcohol content with one simple blow. For their 2019 DUI prevention campaign, Amélie with the help of the Colorado Department of Transportation capitalized on these personal breathalyzers as a DUI prevention tool. Maybe we can’t stop you from waking up next to a man in a squirrel suit, but we can keep you from driving impaired. Using a crude animation style and drinking situations that are all too familiar for some, we put out a multi-media campaign that encouraged Coloradans to do one smart thing, breathalyze before they drive.
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