So what do we actually do?

We describe ourselves as Transformation Partners.

Put simply we exist to transform the fortunes of our clients. 

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Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel

Part of VCCP’s success has come from its longstanding dedication to its ten founding principles. They were established at launch to be the antithesis to all the frustrations the founders had experienced at other advertising agencies. It means we spend less time managing and more time thinking. 

Be Un-precious
Brilliant ideas come from openness.

Be Responsible
Great teams take responsibility for each other.

Be On Time
Deliver on time, or earlier.

Be Lean
Small motivated teams achieve the best results.

Be Clear
Its easy to complicate, it's difficult to simplify.

Be Approachable
Listen to whoever wants to speak to you.

Be Happy
Enjoy work.

Be Honest
Keep open books and admit mistakes.

Be Proud
Take pride in the work we produce.

Be Fast
Delay is corrosive, energy is infectious. 

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