Campagne FAQusical
Annonceur PreviouslyOwnedByAGayMan.com
Marque PreviouslyOwnedByAGayMan.com
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Secteur d'activité Ameublement
Synopsis San Francisco-based creative agency MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER partnered with PreviouslyOwnedByAGayMan.com to create a promo video that is just as outrageously flamboyant as the company's name. Following a request for a simple FAQ page, the agency decided to address frequently asked questions and describe the buying and selling process “in a much more fabulous way.” According to writer Martine Glickfeld, “we knew a musical was the way to go.” PreviouslyOwnByAGayMan.com co-founder Michele Hofherr was immediately hooked on the idea. “We feel so fortunate to be collaborating with the great people of M/H. We repeatedly encounter many of the same questions surrounding the site, so we tasked them with finding a fun way to answer and direct those queries,” she said. “We wanted to capture something as beautiful as the furniture they sell on the site” said Greggy Adriano. Under the guidance of senior creatives Mike Gallucci and Stevan Chavez, Glickfeld and Adriano came up with the idea for the piece. Being that this was the first musical the agency has ever made, the team “felt unbelievably lucky,” said Senior Art Director Stevan Chavez, to be paired with director of photography filmmaker Norman Bonney, who has directed music videos for Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Leann Rimes, and Kelly Clarkson. The team collaborated with Brooklyn-based arranger, performer, and music director Nathan Koci to compose the song, as well as Grammy Award winner John Kilgore and acclaimed Broadway and Off-Broadway sound designer Daniel Fluger to record the final song. The spot was shot on location at The Palace Theatre, home of The Speakeasy, located at a secret spot in San Francisco’s North Beach district. MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER also teamed up with production house Criminal’s new division Bandit, which focuses solely on edgy creative work, to bring the project to life.
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