TitreThe value of time
Campagne The value of time
Annonceur Deutsche Bank
Marque Deutsche Bank
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Secteur d'activité Banque, finance, droit et assurance
Philosophie 'The value of time', a digital content project from independent creative agency &Rosàs for Deutsche Bank, aims, through three inspiring stories, to transmit everything that time brings to our life.

If in the first story, presented at the end of 2018, the architect Victoria Garriga explained how a second can change the architecture; now it is the dancer Saioa López who in the piece 'The Value of 15 Years' explains her relationship with time, pointing out that: "dance, like time, must be enjoyed without needing to understand it.”

In the video, Saioa explains how she left home to devote his life to dance. And how after 15 years she wants to return to her native Irún to share all that this time has given her.

In this second phase of the branded content campaign, the creative agency &Rosàs, continues to build the brand positioning of Deutsche Bank, positioning it as a brand that believes that time is the most valuable thing we have and that, precisely for that reason, should always be our biggest investment.
In addition to different social networks, the stories of the online project can be viewed on the website www.elvalordeltiempodb.com, where in addition to documentary videos, photographs, articles and podcasts of each protagonist will be shared. The third and last story will be centred on a rugby player, César Sempere, who will talk about the value of the 40-minutes of the third half.

This second piece was directed by Albert Sala of the production company The Production Club. The musician in charge of composing an original piece for each documentary video was Julián Álvarez.
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