TitreRemember to take care of yourself
Campagne Remember to take care of yourself
Annonceur Laboratorio Cinfa
Marque Laboratorio Cinfa
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Hôpitaux & Cliniques
Philosophie Cinfa, the pharmaceutical brand ubiquitous in Spanish homes and the leader in the national market, has commissioned the independent creative agency &Rosàs to create a campaign to mark its 50th anniversary.

The campaign entitled ‘Remember to take care of yourself’, sends the message that prevention is the first step to feel good and take care of your health, also in line with the company's motto: “Nos mueve la vida” ["Life Is our Motivation"]. To do this, under the idea of ​​"stop for a moment and remember to take care of yourself", the creative concept supports healthy habits such as sports, resting, eating properly, drinking water, listening to oneself, reflecting or disconnecting from work. A whole series of fundamental elements to obtain a full life.
The campaign - in formats of 45, 30, and 20 seconds to be broadcast on TV and online - concludes by noting that after applying all these lessons, "if necessary, you can always count on Cinfa to lend a hand.”
Type de média Télévision

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