TitrePlaylists for Earth
Campagne Playlists for Earth
Annonceur ClientEarth
Marque ClientEarth
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Environnement & Ecologie
Synopsis The Campaign idea of Playlist For Earth calls on the musical creativity of people around the world to deliver an awareness message to a broad audience. The idea is original and impactful: Celebrities, influencers, and citizens use the song titles of the playlists they create to deliver a message.The song titles on each playlist, when read as a sentence, communicate a powerful message about the climate crisis. The campaign allows the music world to start important conversations with fans – about action on climate change and hope for a better future. In a playful way people will inspire each other to create and share playlists on social media. The result is an original, emotional and impactful kind of modern activist poetry.
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