229 West 43rd Street, 8th Floor
New York New York 10036
Téléphone: (+1) 2127926896


Autres compétences: Marketing Mobile, Marketing Médias sociaux, Communication de crise, Technologies, Services en ligne, Distribution, Divertissements & Spectacles, Beauté, Mode, Produits de Luxe, Consommateur, Adolescents


Effectif: 30

Awards: 5

créations: 4

Clients: 7

Moment Studio

229 West 43rd Street, 8th Floor
New York New York 10036
Téléphone: (+1) 2127926896

A propos de l'agence Moment Studio

Moment Studio makes content that delivers on the promise of mobile and social.

A studio made up of smart, creative makers and social media practitioners, Moment Studio provides quality content that helps brands, retailers and publishers reach people in new ways, effectively and efficiently. A unique hybrid creative-production model allows us to put more resources into the work and to produce it quickly, making us our clients’ secret weapon for getting outsized results through relevance and nimbleness.

In a market dominated by buying up an ever-expanding inventory of digital “boxes” to get brands in front of consumers, Moment Studio is leading the charge to fill those boxes with content that people want to include in their digital lives, rather than block altogether. 


Anglais, Espagnol, Français
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Description du réseau

We’re proud to be part of something bigger.

In today's connected world, the most successful companies are thriving ecosystems offering a spectrum of bespoke services created for their customers, not for themselves. Engine was created with this model in mind.

Comprised of best-in-class, specialist agencies across a multitude of marketing disciplines, Engine boasts a unique, collaborative model that offers clients tangible value. By building bridges across disciplines and creating distinctive, unlikely teams around clients' needs, Engine delivers natural, effortless and seamless integration at scale.

From insight and business intelligence, through creative innovation and content production, to distribution and measurement, Engine's end-to-end offering is flexible and dynamic, ensuring that our clients receive customised solutions that genuinely transform their businesses. 

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