902 Carnegie Center, Ste. 220
Princeton New Jersey 08540
Téléphone: (+1) 800-444-4672

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Autres compétences: Marketing Technologies / Analytics, Développement / innovation / marques, Santé, Communication Financière, Technologies, Distribution, Beauté, Mode, Produits de Luxe, Consommateur, Multiculturel

Fondée en: 1938


Effectif: 540

Awards: 6

ORC International

902 Carnegie Center, Ste. 220
Princeton New Jersey 08540
Téléphone: (+1) 800-444-4672
Brian  Cruikshank

Brian Cruikshank

Managing Director

Téléphone: (+1) 952 851 7725

Costas  Pavlides

Costas Pavlides

Managing Director

Téléphone: (+1) 617 570 5109

Jon Harding

Jon Harding

Executive Vice President

Téléphone: (+1) 609 452 5467

Jessica  Horkan

Jessica Horkan

Senior Vice President

Téléphone: (+1) 617 570 5153

Kate Pritchard

Kate Pritchard

Managing Director, UK

Téléphone: (+44) 207 675 1134

Oliver Rust

Oliver Rust

Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Téléphone: (+852) 2167 3811

Craig  Young

Craig Young

Managing Director, Australia

Téléphone: (+61) 2 8912 5610

David Murray

David Murray

Senior Vice President, US Marketing

Téléphone: (+1) 513-283-8551

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A propos de l'agence ORC International

ORC International is a leader in the art of business intelligence. Passionate about growing your business, we help you explore, navigate, and integrate insights creatively to uncover what truly engages people around the world. We combine quality data, smart synthesis and a best-in-class digital platform to deliver transformative business insights and strategies across our clients’ customers, employees, markets, and products. 

Since our founding in 1938, ORC International (formerly Opinion Research Corporation) has innovatively built a continual expansion of methods, business issues, and industry expertise, technologies, capabilities, and insights. We are a privately held company with a rich history of growth both organically and through acquisition. 



Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel


Whether you are looking to expand market presence, understand employee perspectives, acquire new customers, or need decision-making support, our teams are passionate to see you succeed every day. We pride ourselves in not only providing the most relevant and impactful insight to address key business challenges, but also in becoming your trusted partner — helping guide your research initiatives to achieve the most optimal outcome. 

Description du réseau

We’re proud to be part of something bigger.

In today's connected world, the most successful companies are thriving ecosystems offering a spectrum of bespoke services created for their customers, not for themselves. Engine was created with this model in mind.

Comprised of best-in-class, specialist agencies across a multitude of marketing disciplines, Engine boasts a unique, collaborative model that offers clients tangible value. By building bridges across disciplines and creating distinctive, unlikely teams around clients' needs, Engine delivers natural, effortless and seamless integration at scale.

From insight and business intelligence, through creative innovation and content production, to distribution and measurement, Engine's end-to-end offering is flexible and dynamic, ensuring that our clients receive customised solutions that genuinely transform their businesses. 

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