TitreF Limits
Campagne F* Limits
Annonceur Flywheel
Marque Flywheel
Mise en ligneMars 2018
Secteur d'activité Équipement de sports & loisirs
Synopsis How do you build the competitor to the wildly successful and incredibly well-funded Peloton connected bike? We created a new kind of AI that we called Athletic Intelligence. And used it to create a unique set of features and experiences that make the new Fly Anywhere bike, the most immersive at-home experience possible. We didn’t just market the bike, we helped build it– including all the UX/UI and features.

After launching the bike, Flywheel was ready to launch their first brand campaign– to unite the Flyfam across the country. Our challenge was to capture the spirit of their “Never Coaster” ethos in a film that celebrates the badass in us all.
Type de média Télévision

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