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1631 21st Street
Santa Monica California 90404
Téléphone: (+1) 747-214-6113


Autres compétences: Publicité/Communication intégrée, Agence digitale, Marketing Mobile, Marketing Médias sociaux, Design web, Brand Content, Stratégie et planning, Technologies, Services en ligne, Divertissements & Spectacles, Voyages & Tourisme, Consommateur, Multiculturel, Multiculturel, Hispano-américains, Adolescents

Fondée en: 2005

Effectif: 270

créations: 1

Clients: 5


1631 21st Street
Santa Monica California 90404
Téléphone: (+1) 747-214-6113

A propos de l'agence CIRCUS

Circus is an independent, global fully-integrated digital agency that develops impactful hyper-local ideas for multicultural audiences. Mirroring the model of its new economy clients such as Netflix, Circus operates on a ‘single office’ model across its eight global locations in U.S., Mexico, LATAM, and Spain.


Partnership highlights from 2018 - 2019:

  • Our SuperBowl efforts for Northgate Markets, a local California grocer, helped increase sales by 12% - and no we didn’t advertise during the game; we just hijacked the advertisers that did!
  • Through the success of our work, Spotify increased their spending in the U.S. Hispanic market by over 30%.
  • Circus is the lead agency for Spotify in LATAM.
  • Circus has worked with Netflix for over six years in global and local title launches, including launching its first gift card. Overall, we have worked in more than 300 projects for them.


Anglais, Espagnol, Portugais
Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel

Our Name: A High Performance Community Network

Circus is not your typical agency. We were founded as a “big tent” to welcome “misfits” that didn’t fit the mold at traditional agencies.


Our Culture: Purpose, People, Product, Partners & Profits

We believe that culture is one of our most important assets and the foundation of our success. Our agency culture is built upon “The 5 P’s”: Purpose, People, Product, Partners and Profits.


At Circus, we have a clear Purpose: partner with our clients to develop high-impact ideas, strategies and content that win in the attention economy. 


This clear Purpose allows us to attract the right People;

With the right People, we can produce great Product;

Great creative product attracts great Partners;

And this leads to a Profitable business.


Our Values & Competitive Advantages: Consumer-First, Multicultural, Emotions Driven By Data

We value the importance of data, transparency, pushing the status quo in creative and the integrity of speaking in an authentic way to multicultural communities. We're always looking for partners that allow us to do what we do best:


1) Act consumer-first;

2) Be multicultural; and

3) Develop smart creative that is born from “Emotions Driven by Data”…because we understand that as humans, we are not always driven by rational decisions.


In summary, we believe our competitive advantages include our:

  • Agile “one office” micro-network across eight locations worldwide
  • Deep multicultural experience that allows us to execute hyperlocal creative ideas
  • Fully integrated digital expertise
  • Flexibility and creative approach modeled in our “Curiosity Ring”
  • Real results for our clients, from changing brand perceptions to increasing sales


Much more, but you have to meet us to find out!

Description du réseau

Circus is an independent network of eight locations collaborating together in a "one office" model.

As a true multicultural agency, we have full language capabilities and deep global transcreation expertise across English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

We’re driven by results for our partners but awards are a great recognition from the industry, including several:
● Cannes Lions
● Effie´s
● One Show
● New York Festival among many others. 

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