TitreLa Bendita
Campagne La Bendita
Annonceur Havas Spain
Marque La Mackavela
Date de première diffusion/publication 2023
Secteur d'activité Publicité et communication
Synopsis In 2022, Costa Rica classified again for the World Cup, but we didn't have high hopes. The statistics were against us: An AI placed Costa Rica as the team with less chances to win the trophy. So, if we wanted to, we needed a miracle. That’s why we created La Bendita, a beer brewed with holy water. A beer for fans who believe in miracles rather than statistics. We united the two biggest passions of the Costa Ricans: football and religion and we achieved that a small beer brand could make a place for itself among all those millionaire brands that sponsored the World Cup. And also, a place in the hearts of all Costa Ricans.
Type de média Infomercial

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