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Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel

From the day our agency was born in 2007, these two words have been giving us LIFE! Because you see, what Mach Media does is waaaay more than making brochures, building websites, writing copy and filming videos. We are making a difference.

Making a difference for companies overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.

Making a difference for businesses that dare to inspire employees, customers and shareholders.

Making a difference for executives who need a fresh idea, a new perspective, a thoughtful challenge, and skillful hands to help achieve their goals.

Making a difference for all who wish to create more diverse, equitable and inclusive communications, and by extension wish to build a better world. 

Mach Media is committed to creating a culture that values diversity and promotes equality. Our diverse team is part of our strength.

We welcome self-expression and differences in gender, cultural background, age, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual orientation and other unique abilities.

We celebrate and endeavor to provide an inclusive workplace where every employee feels heard and valued, and is empowered by our innate differences, as well as by the ways in which we are similar.

We believe that a more diverse environment is the cornerstone of creative and innovative thinking. It is through freedom of thought and expression that ideas flourish – and it is this philosophy that contributes to the success of our clients. 


New Business/Développement

Taunya Renson-Martin
Founder and Managing Partner
Téléphone: (+1) 202-550-1975