Fredrikinkatu 42
Helsinki 00100
Téléphone: (+358) 102704000

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Effectif: 150

Awards: 99


Fredrikinkatu 42
Helsinki 00100
Téléphone: (+358) 102704000

Petteri Kilpinen

Managing Director

Téléphone: (+358) 9 17 17 11

Olli Santala

Téléphone: (+358) 9 17 17 11

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A propos de l'agence TBWA\Helsinki

TBWA\Helsinki is the only truly international and most award-winning agency in Finland. Our mission is to locate and involve brands into modern culture. We work closely with our clients to create growth platforms for brands' through data-driven insights, disruptive brand behavior and creative use of tech & media. TBWA\Helsinki employs 135 marketing professionals from over 10 nationalities and is part of the leading global TBWA advertising agency network. 


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Description du réseau

We are a global collective of agencies with strong local cultures, led by founders and re-founders, with a mix of local and global clients, delivering creative output that captures attention and delivers business results. This founder culture is part of TBWA’s DNA. It gives us a spirit of restless entrepreneurialism. Because the world around us moves so fast, we must all be re-founders: continually questioning how we work and the kind of work we want to make as we collectively build and lead 21st-century agencies.

For all our individuality, we are united by our methodology of Disruption® and our unofficial mantra: that it’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy. A quote attributed to Steve Jobs, it captures the independent and rebellious spirit that makes us unlike other traditional agency networks. 

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