TitreMore For Your Thing Case Film
Campagne More For Your Thing
Annonceur AT&T Inc.
Marque AT&T
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Autres
Slogan More For Your Thing
Synopsis We’re helping AT&T drive forward its newest value proposition—More for Your Thing, That’s Our Thing”—while making it native to the digital landscape. Rather than communicate in a brand-centered way (e.g., promotions or packages), we’re shifting the focus to younger customers who want to be themselves, do what they love, and share their experiences. “Your thing” can be any passion point and served by any product or service, and, most importantly, it’s relevant to customers’ lives. Part of the job was to bring people’s “things” to life in creative, animated ways.
Philosophie The insights that drove our work are focused on the mindset and lifestyle of our target. Each ident we created is meticulously planned, captured, crafted, and produced to connect to very specific interests in the most audio-visually arresting way possible. Whether it’s sports, the outdoors, the holidays, new experiences, or just a love of sharing the moments that matter, we need to understand precisely how to connect a passion for life and the AT&T wireless network—vividly and memorably.
Problème Following the consolidation of some of its business units, AT&T reenergized their media and digital ad content to perform more nimbly and relevantly for today’s mobility and entertainment customer. To do it, they needed a digital partner who could connect audience passions with AT&T wireless network service (and the products that launch on it) via beautifully created idents that are meticulously optimized and versioned for every digital channel.
Résultat In our individual campaigns, we quantifiably beat benchmarks, generate clicks, deliver the message, and elevate the AT&T brand. But our work for the “More for Your Thing” value proposition is bigger than any individual campaign (and harder to quantify). The bottom line is that the impact of our work fulfills its purpose—to be everywhere, in every channel, at every stage of the funnel, and helping audiences identify their interest and passions with what AT&T offers.
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