IKEA - "Buy With Your Time" by PHNX Tribute 2021

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TitreBuy With Your Time
Campagne Buy With Your Time
Annonceur IKEA
Marque IKEA
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Électroménager, meubles et jardinage
Synopsis We saw an opportunity to reward IKEA’s loyal customers who previously made the trip by turning the effort and time they went through to get there into a strength. By leveraging Google Maps timeline, we created a brand activation that converts time spent to make a trip to IKEA stores into a currency that allows people to buy IKEA products based on the average salary* of people living in Dubai. This worked through Google Map’s timeline function that records past routes taken, where customers were able to show how many minutes they had spent on previous IKEA trips and this accumulated time was converted into a currency that allows them to spend on IKEA products.
Philosophie IKEA superstores tend to be located far from city centers. So along with opening a second store in Dubai, we also gave families a bigger incentive to make trips to IKEA. We offered to convert the time they spent on the road into money, which they could use to buy IKEA products.
Type de média Etude de cas
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Equipe créative
Client Team Director
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PR Team
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