Do not disturb your phone

A hotel encourages human contact by being anti-social (networks)

If there’s one place where you should relax and enjoy life rather than staying riveted to your phone, it’s a comfortable hotel suite. Having previously created a lamp that changes colour depending on how much time you spend on social networks (red is for danger, obviously), Swedish agency Stendahls and its client, insurance company Länsförsäkringar, applied the same principle to a hotel room. At the hotel Bellora in Gothenburg, the price you pay for the suite is related to the time you spend online. The lamp acts as a measurement device: if it remains the same colour, the suite is free of charge, but if it turns red you pay the maximum amount. The idea, obviously, is to encourage people to “check out” of social media, enjoy time with their loved ones or simply with their thoughts. We don’t know if there’s an extra bonus for non-Swedes who can pronounce “Länsförsäkringar” correctly.