Saying “buy buy” to tempting ads

A bank hijacks shoppable advertising on social media to encourage people to save rather than spend.

par Maud Largeaud , AdForum

You would have thought it was easy to save money when you’re stuck at home. But no. As this insightful case from Fifth Third Bank and Pereira O’Dell points out, Instagram ads and relentless retargeting mean we’re constantly bombarded with temping ads for shoes, clothes and other impulse purchases. In the run-up to the consumption fest that is Black Friday, the bank wanted to act. So with the help of the agency it created its own data-driven ad campaign. It bought hundreds of the key words most likely to incite a shopper to click and buy – sunglasses, scent, socks, bags and so on – and created an ad that popped up instead, to encourage the viewer to think twice and maybe save, instead. Perhaps for something you’ll really need after all this, like a vacation in the sun.