The only report provided by the sun

Visual proof

Verein für Förderung der thermischen Solarenergie is the Austrian Association for the Production fo Thermal Solar Energy. They wanted to win recognition and to mark people. Their 2011 solar power report has been sent to the members of the organization as well as to business and political contacts. But what everyone notice is that the document reveal its content only when it is exposed to sunlight. It was printed in a special ink that make each page blank without this exposition. The Solar Report has become the only report provided by the sun
TitreThe Solar Annual Report
Campagne The Solar Annual Report
Annonceur Verband Austria Solar
Marque Verband Austria Solar

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Dernières actus

METRO announces the annual “Own Business Day”

Founded in 2016 as a way of showcasing independent business owners worldwide which form the heart of every neighbourhood, METRO "Own Business Day" will be rolled out across 24 countries as it turns into a rapidly growing international movement. Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg, the global creative lead agency of METRO since September 2014, is once again masterminding the activation.

The second Tuesday of October is a special day when METRO calls to pay tribute to its customers and to celebrate dedicated business owners. Own Business Day features business owners’ special offers and promotions, which they upload for customers to find on the online platform Through Own Business Day METRO champions Independent businesses by celebrating what makes them special.

This year the campaign has evolved from 20,000 special offers created by participating businesses during "Own Business Day" 2016, to around 100,000 in 2017. METRO is inviting Own Businesses to participate and customer to take part in the celebration on October 10th all around the globe.

Serviceplan Group Chief Creative Officer Alexander Schill commented: “We are happy that ‘Own Business Day’, an idea invented by Serviceplan Campaign in 2016 as a creative way for METRO to pay tribute to their 21 million customers around the world with an integrated campaign, has become an even bigger movement engaging independent businesses and recognizing the place they hold in their communities.”

Serviceplan developed the campaign targeted towards not only METRO’s 21 million existing customers but towards all independent business owners. In close partnership with the digital experts of ACTUM the agency is responsible for the online platform, on which owners could post special offers. Customers can view the offers on the platform’s map to find out what is happening in their area on October 10th.

Each participating METRO country uses a combination of TV commercials, print advertisements (e.g. billboards), online advertising material, and/or social media to highlight Own Business Day for METRO customers and end customers. Filmed and photographed by Stuart Douglas, the ads portray business owners in their places of work, in scenarios demonstrating the passion business owners have for their own businesses.

This integrated, global campaign is a milestone for METRO in the sense that it is a strong brand communication. With the METRO Own Business Day METRO focusses on its contribution to make independent businesses more successful.

The official hashtags are #ownbusinessday and #loveownbusiness.