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Á propos INDIE Amsterdam

We love creative planning as the fire starter for powerful creative ideas. Ideas that elevate brands, but also inspire the people that have to work with these brands. Our ideas can help small companies break through the clutter and bring unity in big corporations. Why it works? Because we develop it together with our clients.

No idea can grow if it’s not loved by everybody involved. A good Idea is a great Idea, if everyone can work with it. If it elevates them, it will elevate the brand. Marketers, sales people, digital creatives, retailers, internally and externally.

At INDIE we want to get the most out of our Ideas. It means we are not looking to develop everything ourselves. Sometimes you need local agencies to build upon an international Idea, sometimes you need a specific expert agency. As long as people can build upon the Idea, we are happy.

Lousy service can spoil the enthusiasm for the greatest ideas. We like to see ourselves as a delicious restaurant, where nobody eats a la carte. And everybody is welcome at the Chef’s table. 

Dernières actus

Tele2 and INDIE Amsterdam launch spectacular Sim Only campaign

Tele2 is the only major provider with Sim Only subscriptions that you can terminate monthly. The new sensational production pulled out all the stops to celebrate this freedom. Not because we had to, but because we could.

Cilesta van Doorn, Managing Director Brand & Communications at Tele2: "We make the lives of our customers more hassle-free and fun, by always connecting them superfast with everything and everyone. The next step being that you can now also join and leave Tele2 whenever you want. And this new-found freedom merits a breath-taking new campaign."

Emilio de Haan and Rogier de Bruin, Creative Directors at INDIE Amsterdam: "We’re really proud of this film, because we think that with it we’ve succeeded in making that next step in the Tele2 campaign. The same colourful world; but now with even more energy, even more spectacle, even more Tele2."

The commercial was directed by Jason Koenig, an American music video director who frequently works for American stars such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and has currently gone viral globally with his video for "The Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran.

The lead role in the commercial is played by Lynn Yung, freerunning world champion, who did all her own stunts.

The music in the commercial is a remix of the old Matt Munro 60s hit, Born Free, made in collaboration with Big2, famous from The Opposites, and Paul Laffree. The artwork is by Jay Sunsmith, celebrated designer of, amongst other things, the Top Notch logo.

Last year, INDIE Amsterdam won Lamp Awards, SAN Accent awards and a Silver Effie for the ‘Not because you have to, but because you can’ campaign. 

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