TitreTransfer a Fan (203s)
Campagne Transfer a Fan
Annonceur Bundesliga
Marque Bundesliga

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Á propos Duval Guillaume

We create work that is loved by the public, and admired by the industry. This philosophy leads to more social currency. We do this for international clients such as Smirnoff Europe, Center Parcs Europe, Coke Zero Europe and Carlsberg Europe.

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Transfer a Fan

True fans are not for sale. Or are they?

The German Bundesliga is on its annual winter break. As football is on hold, fans from all over the world have to just wait and sit through the holiday season without their favourite sports.

But although the actual playing is paused at this time of the year, the winter transfer window is open and players are for sale. Clubs are excited to make signings that will shape the second half of the season and are willing to offer a lot of money for star players to change colors.

But more than players, football is shaped and made by its fans. They are the crucial element behind the teams. If a club has one wish, it’s loyal fans.

In this online film, 3 die-hard fans are surprised by a new kind of transfer window. A mercato where it’s not about buying players but about buying actual fans instead. In this ‘loyalty test’ two fake football agents offer these loyal fans a transfer from their team to a rival club.

Can money buy their loyalty? Would they betray their colors for a high price? Is €100K enough? €150K? €200K? Or even a car? Or are true fans simply not for sale?

The outcome of this rather unconventional experiment proves that football is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life.

The online film was created by the Belgian advertising agency Duval Guillaume and production company Adult. Erik Bulckens took his place in the director's chair and made an
entertaining showpiece that leaves no true fan untouched.

Only one question remains: what would you do?

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