TitreObjets vivants
Titre (Anglais)Living Objects - The bed
Campagne Living Objects
Annonceur Musée de la Grande Guerre
Marque Musée de la Grande Guerre

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Á propos DDB Paris

Nous sommes une agence conseil en communication intégrée à l’ère du digital.La créativité est dans notre ADN, l’humain est notre source d’inspiration, la technologie est notre terrain de jeu. 

Dernières actus

For the launch of Far Cry® ‘New Dawn’, DDB Paris does double damage.


Paris, February 5, 2019. 17 years after the nuclear blast from the end of Far Cry® 5, the survivors of the apocalypse try somehow to survive and to find a semblance of a peaceful life. However, others decided not to settle for the leftovers – they’re called Highwaymen, a band of pillagers led by the ruthless twins Mickey and Lou.

The plot of the film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, and more precisely in a bar that Mickey and Lou decided to pay a visit to. Nomads with no worldly attachments, they travel the country in search or resources or anything else that could help them assert their dominance. This time, it’s the clients of the bar that pay the price, falling one after another before the blaze of the pistols and AK-47s these terrible twins wield with a wicked mastery.

Shot like a combat scene in an action blockbuster, this wild film directed by Xavier Gens presents these new antagonists in a supercharged showdown perfectly choreographed to the iconic song It’s Raining Men (specially re-orchestrated by SixtyFour Music for the occasion).

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