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Á propos BMB

We’re a full-service creative and strategy agency currently based in the shadow of the Tate Modern and deliberately distant from the geographical heartland of Adland Central.
At BMB we believe in the power of creative empathy and ‘talking up’ to an audience. We do this by seeking out and speaking to the deep and human needs that bind people to brands. It starts with a common agency disposition, a curiosity around human behaviors, psychology, and possibility.
Our goal is to turn this curiosity into ideas that humanise brands, making them more charismatic, distinctive and likeable. Our mantra is that, whatever the sector, no matter what changes technology has made to the context of companies and audiences, ‘the most human brand wins’. 

Dernières actus


BMB is behind a new beer brand called The KPA – a pale ale that has been brewed especially to complement the taste of KP Nuts.

The beer, made in collaboration with London brewery Deviant & Dandy, will be available to buy through Deviant & Dandy’s website from 17th October.

It will be backed by a series of online films made by BMB promoting the concept, which will run on Facebook. The idea further cements KP’s place as the definitive British nut brand. It is the only brand with the authority to develop the perfect liquid accompaniment to its delicious, definitive flavour.

The KPA is a light, hoppy pale ale with subtle hints of oats and a citrus punch; tasting notes that perfectly suit the sweet nuttiness and satisfying salt crunch of KP peanuts. It was created under the direction of Deviant & Dandy founder Byron Knight and head brewer Paul Bogan, whose previous ventures include Beavertown and Camden Town Brewery.

Matt Lever, Chief Creative Officer at BMB said: “Show me someone who doesn’t enjoy KP Nuts with their beer. The sad fact is that until now, people have been wasting KP Nuts on terribly average beer. Well, we say ‘no more’. The world’s best nuts have finally gotten the beer that they deserve.”

Jess Templeton, Senior Brand Manager at KP Nuts said: “We’re always talking about synergies, but BMB’s suggestion to pair KP Nuts with a tailor-made beer was an instant, no-brainer YES PLEASE. We think our fans are going to love trying The KPA with KP Nuts and we can’t wait to see the feedback on social media.”

Byron Knight, Founder and Director of Deviant and Dandy, said: “This was a super fun project to work on. As beer lovers ourselves we have, of course, eaten more than a few KP Nuts in our time, so getting to work with the brand alongside BMB to create The KPA was right up our street.” 

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