TitreAm I Dreaming
Campagne Am I Dreaming
Annonceur Visit California
Marque Visit California

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Á propos The Shipyard

The Shipyard is a leading, independent agency that builds performance-driven brands audiences can’t help but love.
By applying modern mindsets to established models, we fuel brand and marketing decisions that are more courageous and more validated.
Our ability to align bold creativity with individual consumer motivations lets us do more than hope for brand love – we methodically engineer it throughout the consumer journey. That’s how we activate the synergistic power of brand building and performance marketing.
The Shipyard. Engineering Brand Love through the courageous ambitions of our people and our clients.

Dernières actus

The Shipyard Launches ‘The Real Unreal’ Campaign for Mammoth Lakes Tourism; Highlights Destination’s Surreal Beauty While Promoting Sustainable Tourism

The Shipyard announces the launch of “The Real Unreal” -- a bold and innovative campaign for Mammoth Lakes Tourism (MLT) designed to drive responsible travel to the perennial adventure land in California's Eastern Sierra.

To showcase the storybook scenes of Mammoth Lakes, California, while also prompting guest stewardship, The Shipyard’s campaign features a series of six video spots that leverage the seemingly unreal grandeur and landscape diversity of Mammoth Lakes, while calling upon visitors to keep it that way for future visitors.

Executive Creative Director Kerry Krasts notes: ‘“The Real Unreal’ campaign upends the fantasy realities that many escape to with high-tech CGI in the digital world by profoundly immersing viewers in a fantasy they can actually see, explore and experience in real life. The pandemic led to many finding escape in the virtual world, and this campaign drives local and national consumers to a tangible wonderland.”

The Shipyard’s campaign, with images shot by highly acclaimed adventure sports photographer and Mammoth Lakes local Christian Pondella, spotlights the destination’s “wonderlust”—a constant sense of adventure visitors can experience in just one location. From pristine snowy mountains to rainbow-emitting waterfalls, expansive valleys, and far more, viewers feel as if they are in a real-life video game or a lead actor in
an adventure film.

“We’re excited to invoke a new era of responsible travel - drawing in visitors that will respect our community and the environment as they enjoy the often unknown pockets of beauty that Mammoth Lakes has to offer,” says MLT’s Executive Director John Urdi. ”Plenty of destinations ‘promote’ stewardship as a mere hashtag and side note, but MLT has responsible tourism at the heart of our mission and marketing. The work celebrates responsible tourism and shows visitors that Mammoth Lakes is so incredible they’ll want to protect it like it’s their own.”

“The Real Unreal” campaign will run in travel markets including Denver and the Northeast (NY, NJ, Boston) along with regional markets in California and Nevada.

On top of the dreamlike videos, “The Real Unreal” campaign is utilizing digital banners, social media, print ads, and other custom content to holistically market all of Mammoth Lakes’ wonders and showcase their surreal beauty. 

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