Edgardo Melgar, Ogilvy Honduras: "A creative idea can come from any source, but it can always be enhanced through our PR capabilities."

There is a strong strategic partnership between creativity and PR communications

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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Edgardo Melgar
Head of Communication and Strategy Ogilvy Honduras

As ad land continues to evolve with new audiences and digital influence, PR functionality has developed into a more integral part of creative capabilities. Sitting down with Edgardo Melgar, Head of Communication and Strategy at Ogilvy Honduras, we analyze the Ogilvy network's innovative use of creative PR.


How would you describe the functionality of the partnership between an agency and its PR counterpart?

Within Ogilvy Honduras and the Ogilvy network, PR is an essential management capability of ours that we use for every single project, especially if a campaign wishes to leave a significant impact. With that said, it is about working hand in hand across all divisions on a consistent basis; we think that is what has brought us the most success. A creative idea can come from any source, but it can always be enhanced through our PR capabilities.


Back in the day, PR was about protecting a brand and its reputation largely through earned or free media: Press releases, statements, stories and crisis management. What has led to the PR function becoming more creatively oriented?

The industry and the world in general are in a constant state of flux, which has required us to transform the way we do things, and the only way to achieve this is by looking for creative ways to communicate and relate. Otherwise, any traditional effort can be lost among the enormous waves of information and misinformation to which we are exposed. But what we think separates Ogilvy Honduras and the Ogilvy network from the rest of the pack is our ability to adapt to an ever-changing society and our visionary use of communications as the strategic pathway to create incredible impact.


How are you leveraging modern tech and/or social media in client work, and what value does it add to the creative process?

Social media helps us amplify the impact of a project, therefore, the pilar of digital influence must always be considered. Likewise, we rely on technological tools and use them creatively to obtain effective results.


What kind of projects does your agency call on a PR counterpart (in-house or external) to get involved in? In what ways have brand communications evolved in light of having a more integrated partnership?

In all of Ogilvy Honduras' creative projects, the integration of our PR team is quintessential; sometimes as a complement, other times as an amplifier and in some cases as the essence of an idea and the key strategists.

The advertising sector has evolved at an accelerated pace, mainly towards digital influence and towards strengthening relationships with all stakeholders. In this way, PR becomes essential for any creative project that requires a broad or niche impact, since PR today means an important strategic contribution in the communication of key messages through the appropriate channels.