Hungry for More: Antonia Kuwertz, Havas Germany

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Havas Germany
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Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, Allemagne
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Antonia Kuwertz
Junior Digital Designer Havas Germany

We spoke with Havas Germany junior digital designer, Antonia Kuwertz, on inspiration, design, and the importance of collaboration.

Can you tell us about your current role and responsibilities?

I work as a junior digital designer in our creative department where I mainly create animated videos like case films or POS videos, banners, social media postings as well as layouts for web designs. My daily tasks vary, and no day resembles the other which I really like in working at a creative agency.


What drew you to work at this agency and what opportunities does it provide to foster your professional growth?

I always loved the idea of working for large, international brands and clients. That’s why I applied as a trainee at Havas four years ago in the first place. Right from the start, I was lucky and given trust as well as space to take on responsibility in my team. Since then, I always had inspiring people by my side who could teach me new things and whom I could also teach something new in return.


Are there any unused skills you have that you'd love to incorporate into your professional work?

I love to build and animate objects in 3D, and I've already been able to capitalize on this skill – for instance, when developing social media assets for client projects. In the future, I'd like to keep on improving and further developing this part of my skill set.


Joining such a massive industry can be overwhelming, how do you stay informed and ahead of the curve?

Besides following enjoyable “Meme” accounts on social media, I also follow other motion and 3D artists that inspire me on a daily basis. Additionally, I love to visit art galleries or other kinds of exhibitions – e.g., a few weeks ago, I visited a bachelor exhibition where the graduates presented their work which was really cool and inspiring.


What areas in the industry do you believe could use an overhaul?

Looking at our creative industry, I sometimes feel like some people still have that antiquated “no gods besides me” attitude, especially when it comes to creating ideas. I firmly believe it's super important to work collaboratively in teams with a flat hierarchy to take advantage of all those different ideas and perspectives. For me, good work is the result of team effort; something we achieved commonly and on eye-level. This is an aspect that I really appreciate here at Havas.


Where do you hope this role will take you down the line?

I am excited to keep on learning new things and I hope that I can inspire others with my work, too. Recently, I was very lucky to get shortlisted at a design competition and this definitely made me hungry for more! So hopefully, there will be more to come soon ;-).