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We checked in with Marni Beardsley, Chief Production Officer at Swift, to hear about their unique positioning and how this helps them create...  lire plus


Taking a glimpse into an agency production house, we chatted with Emmie Cerow, Director, Content Production, at GMR Marketing about how their...  lire plus

Point of View Creativity

We had the opportunity to chat with Victoria Miller, Executive Producer of Makers, the global producer-only collaborative that is making waves in...  lire plus

Point of View

Angela Barber, SVP of Content Production at Wunderman Thompson, walks us through WT's method of utilizing their global network of resources for a...  lire plus

Point of View Creativity

In our latest series that goes behind the scenes of production teams, we sat down with Gustavo Paris, Executive Producer at LCA Productions, for a...  lire plus

Exclusive Creativity

Earlier this year, production company REVERSE signed Cali Bondad for her first U.S. commercial representation, in which she quickly wrapped three...  lire plus


A new book created for LA\PAC’s half century is a voyage through iconic advertising. We go behind the scenes with CEO Jérôme Denis.  lire plus

TOPIC: Production

Aussie legend, Li Cunxin of Mao’s Last Dancer, moves as graceful as ever as he leaps into life away from the stage in APIA's latest campaign...  lire plus


Careful messaging is critical for any brand right now. More than ever, brands need to be genuine and true, not opportunistic.  lire plus

Headline Makers

From the indie magazine scene in London to the founding of her production company Frenzy Paris, Elsa Rakotoson has combined talent, determination...  lire plus