Super Bowl 2018: Jeff Adkins, Energy BBDO

"The Super Bowl is really the “anti-targeting” platform for brands."


Jeff Adkins
Managing Director Energy BBDO
In a few words, can you tell us who you are and what your job title is?
Jeff Adkins, Managing Director, Energy BBDO
The current price for a 30 second slot is over $5 million. In your opinion is the spend worth it?
The Super Bowl represents an increasingly rare opportunity to reach a massive audience quickly, which makes it worth the investment for brands that produce brilliant content and leverage the exposure to activate sales. Brands that produce forgettable spots, especially those without a connected retail program, aren’t likely to have a good ROI.
Is there a demographic you believe Super Bowl advertisers have failed to target or a business sector that is underrepresented?
The Super Bowl is really the “anti-targeting” platform for brands that have broad audiences and a wide user base. I’m surprised there aren’t more CPG brands in the game capitalizing on the chance to reestablish their brand in the minds of the masses.
Who do you think is the ‘brand to watch’ at this year’s Super Bowl?
The thing to watch this year will be the overall tonality. I think people want to laugh. Over the past few years Super Bowl advertising has pushed into some worthy and emotional spaces which is a great way to connect with consumers, but this year I think America is ready to have fun and detach.
Do you think advertisers can benefit from taking a political/social stance in the Super Bowl?
Yes, the opportunity to connect with lots of people on something they care about is fantastic. However, the brand and organization better believe in the issue deeply. People are sensitive to brands opportunistically using a cause to sell something. And I do think the country is craving more lighthearted content this year.
Are there any fumbled opportunities that come to mind when you think of past Super Bowl advertising?
Absolutely. Monday morning after a Super Bowl can be rough for football players and advertisers. But as they say, hindsight is 20/20. It’s the next game that counts!
Eagles or Patriots?
The Patriots one last time.
What is your favorite Super Bowl ad of all time?
The Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” ad with Betty White. It was a brilliantly simple idea that made me and almost everyone else laugh. And, it sold lots of Snickers bars. So, it did everything you want from a Super Bowl commercial.


Jeff Adkins
Managing Director Energy BBDO