You deserve a break with Kitkat and Mohamed Bareche (Publicis Middle East)

Q&A with Mohamed Bareche, Creative Director at Publicis Middle East (UAE) about his latest Kitkat campaign "Even technology deserves a break"

par Maud Largeaud , AdForum

We are surrounded with technology devices. But Mohamed Bareche took the time to reply, probably with his mobile, to answer our questions related to his latest Kitkat commercials.


  • What was the original brief for this campaign?

A KitKat Core campaign that goes under the platform “Everyone deserves a break” 

  • What inspired you to approach the campaign this way?

Our previous campaign in which we humanized The Voice TV show chairs to give them a break:

We wanted to bank on this absurd humor but trying to make it as global and as relatable as possible, so we thought: "What if we give a break to the technology devices that everyone around the world use in his day to day life?"

  • How difficult was it to sell the idea to the client?

Never been so easy, the idea hooked them from the firsts presentation slides!! That shows how spot-on is this concept.

Btw the clients really gave us the right support, trust and energy to bring this idea to life, it was definitely a good team-working. 

  • Is there a behind-the-scene that you only know about?

The director (Vincent Lobelle) used to give me precious advices when I was an intern and him an art director, but only me was remembering that.

[Mohamed Bareche has worked mainly for French agencies - BETC, BBDO Paris, TBWA\Paris and Leo Burnett Paris - where he won several international and national awards at Cannes Lions, One Show, Epica, LIA, Grand Prix Stratégies, Effie France, etc]

  • What did you enjoy most about seeing this campaign through?

The universality and relatability of the concept.