TitreThe Developer
Campagne Design Your Life
Annonceur Samsung
Marque Samsung
Mise en ligneOctobre 2013
Secteur d'activité Téléphones mobiles & tablettes
Told from a child's perspective, "The Developer" is a musical short film by Samsung featuring Lionel Messi and the hit single "Royals" by Lorde. A mysterious stranger arrives in a low income neighborhood and captures the imaginations of the children who live there. He is "The Developer" and the children view him with a deep suspicion. Together with his Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and GALAXY Gear, the Developer effortlessly masterminds a secret construction project. Using the latest in Samsung technology including Action Memo, Pen Window, Scrapbook and hands-free call capability on the Gear, the Developer orchestrates and executes his mysterious mission. The children watch in awe. They reflect on their current situation by singing Lorde's breakout hit "Royals," a song about overcoming her own humble beginnings. The spot concludes with a beautiful new pitch that has been constructed in the toughest part of town. The Developer is revealed to be the world's reigning football star, Lionel Messi, fulfilling his personal mission to help under privileged children. The events in this story are a dramatic retelling of actual projects completed by the Messi Foundation.
Type de média Film Web
Marché Etats-Unis
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