TitreThe Circles
Campagne Dips: Made for Each Other - Frito Lay
Annonceur PepsiCo Inc.
Marque Frito-Lay
Date de première diffusion/publication
Produit Lay's
Secteur d'activité Chips, crisps & crackers
Slogan madeforeachother.com
Synopsis A small yellow circle feels like a misfit in the world around him. Will he ever find someone to make him feel complete? Enter the world of Frito-Lay’s Dips and Chips—a magical place where the stars have aligned and everyone always finds their perfect match. “Made for Each Other” is about that brilliant moment where two worlds collide to make an even greater whole. Like the pieces of a puzzle or a key to a lock, they’re a perfect fit. Much like Dips and Chips, when our two heroes meet you just can’t help but smile.
Type de média Télévision
Bande son Color The World
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