Brooklyn, Etats-Unis


164 Water Street
Brooklyn 11201
Téléphone: (+1) 718 643 0143

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Fondée en: 2008

Awards: 6

créations: 30


164 Water Street
Brooklyn 11201
Téléphone: (+1) 718 643 0143

Lisa Houck

West Coast/Texas Sales

Téléphone: (+1) 213 446 4387

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A propos de Henryboy

henryboy is an award-winning sound design collective established in september, 2008 by bill chesley and kate gibson. we believe that the importance of sound design, regardless of application, is often underrated. we're here to change that perception.

good sound design will make your film look better every time. leaving the sound design to the last minute, or trying to pull it off at the mix stage, is a big mistake. henryboy will take your project to new sonic levels. our goal is to expose people to the true potential of their projects by maximizing the impact of what is 50% of the experience.

talking about sound design is like dancing about fish. so collaboration and great communication of ideas is essential. our storefront studios, at 164 water street in dumbo, brooklyn, offer a relaxed, inspiring environment. we encourage our clients to come over for working sessions, and afterwards, hit the jay street bar for some beverages and vinegar hill house for some tasty grub.

henryboy. we make sounds for things that don't have a sound, and make things that have a sound, sound better. 


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